Savannah Gets Treated Like A Fuck Toy

Savannah Gets Treated Like A Fuck Toy Savannah Gets Treated Like A Fuck Toy

We've often said that a woman like Savannah Steele, who's only 5'1" and weighs 123 pounds, is the kind you can really have your way with. Pick her up and fuck her. Treat her like your dirty little fuck doll in all sorts of porno positions.

Well, in this scene, JMac does just that with Savannah. He picks her up, and she wraps her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck while he dicks her standing up. Then he flips her over and fucks her in the piledriver position. Savannah takes every inch of JMac's cock. Heck, she almost took every inch of JMac's cock when she was blowing him. And, in the end, JMac blows his load in Savannah's mouth.

You know, a woman like Savannah...she comes to our studio to live out her fantasy...she deserves a porno-style fucking. And here, she gets one.

She starts off the scene looking like a porn star, too. A 44-year-old porn star (who happens to be a mother of two teenagers). She's wearing a sexy bra and panties. Her big tits are on display. She's a big-boobed blonde with a pierced belly button. We bet her teenagers' male friends love hanging around Ms. Steele's house.

"I like to wear sexy. low-cut tops and short skirts, and I always wear heels," Savannah said. "I once had sex with a married man on a restaurant pier while his wife was inside. I like to watch a guy jerk off and cum."

Make the lady happy, guys.

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First-Time Fucker

First-Time Fucker First-Time Fucker

What do you get when you add a horny 19-year-old girl from the backwoods of Arkansas and a big-dicked horndog together? Well, you get porn magic. You can tell that little Eva is nervous at first about her first porn scene, but that doesn't last long. Soon she's got her mouth packed with cock and she's got a hand in her panties, rubbing her clit and preparing her hole for that mammoth, meaty monster. And her dark, tanned skin looks good when it's sprayed with hot, white cum.

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Perfect Cut Diamond

Perfect Cut Diamond Perfect Cut Diamond

We hope the folks that say, "diamonds are forever" are correct, because dudes like us would gladly spend an eternity with a phat-assed chick like Diamond Monroe. Born in Detroit, Michigan and currently living in sunny Miami, Florida, this bitch has an ass that won't quit and curves that won't end. It's no surprise that even in a city like Miami-which is filled with some of the baddest strippers in the country-Diamond is one of the crown big-bootied jewels.

In her first hardcore scene, Diamond is showing off her booty-popping skills to our boy JMac. He's some bangin' 'donks in his day, but even he's hypnotized by Diamond's ripping junk.

After teasing JMac with a lap dance, Diamond pulls his cock out and deep throats his now-throbbing cock. He can only take so much before he has to stuff his cock inside, so he turns her around and smashes her phat ass doggystyle.

"Oh, fuck me yes," she moans as he bangs out her chocolate cunt. "Fuck that pussy."

Jmac lays her down and smashes missionary until Diamond finally decides to take control and hop on top of him. She makes her ass cheeks clap while she's riding his cock, and you can tell he's close to busting his nut when she does. He's not ready for that yet, though. JMac picks her fine ass up off the couch, lays her down on the edge of it and pile drives her.

"Oh, I feel that big dick," she moans. "Give me that big dick, baby."

A wave ecstasy washes over Diamond and she cums. JMac can't take anymore either so he pulls his cock out, and jizzes all over her face.

Forever or for a night, this Diamond is just right.

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Tiffany’s Terrific Titties

Tiffany's Terrific Titties Tiffany's Terrific Titties

We were having a debate in the office over what part of Tiffany Tailor's body we'd prefer to nut on. We were evenly split, not surprisingly, into two camps--the ass men were on one side and the titty guys were on the other.

Her nipples stay hard throughout the entirety of this video, even when she's not tweaking and pulling and rubbing them. They're jiggling enough to show you that they're real and perfectly perky, but they look soft enough to slide your cock between. Plus, our milky white jizz would pop when it landed next to her beautiful, chocolate-kisses nipples.

Then again, when she turns around and pops that butt, letting it jiggle and shake like an earthquake, our pants get tight. She tells us that doggie-style is her favorite position. It might be ours now, too. We can only imagine how sweet it must be to fill her pussy or ass with cock while smacking her buttcheeks before dropping a fat load on her rump.

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Teeny Weeny Bikinis

Teeny Weeny Bikinis Teeny Weeny Bikinis

"I've got some bikinis to show you," Alana says with a giggle as the camera pans from her pretty face to her gorgeous boobs. "Do you want to see me try them on?"

She knows the answer to that question, but Alana loves to play the tease.

"Let's go!" She says with a happy bounce.

Alana is a smart gal. She knows exactly what guys want to see as she changes from her animal print bikini to a skimpy blue bikini. She bounces her plump booty and spins and twirls for the camera, allowing us to get a full view of her curves and soft, child-bearing hips. She cups her boobs a bit, too, and it's easy to imagine our hard, throbbing cock squeezed firmly in between her 40DDDs.

"Do you like it?" Alana asks as she slowly strips off her blue bikini. "I'm going to go inside. Come and join me for a surprise."

We're always up for surprises. Alana walks into the house and plants herself on a seat. Her boobs look perfect and tasty staring back up at us. Apparently, Alana thinks they look pretty yummy, too, because she begins to lick and nibble on them. She begins with her left boob and then gives her right boob some attention. Alana's nipples are fully erect now, and her passionate sucking leaves messy but sexy lipstick marks on her areolae.

"Oh, these big, beautiful titties," she moans.

Alana, who we all know is a very sexual, freaky girl in her XXX videos, has gotten herself so hot that she's getting a bit aggressive with herself. She smacks her tits so hard that she leaves light red handprints on her boobs. She moves her right hand down to her pussy and begins to fuck herself with her two middle fingers.

When Alana finally cums, a shiver of pleasure washes over her coupled with an adorable giggle. You can see the satisfaction in her face and body as she begins to settle from her intense orgasm. She pulls her fingers out from her pussy and licks her tasty juices off of them.

What a pleasant surprise Alana had in store for us.

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Brandi Fucks Her Best Friend’s Husband

Brandi Fucks Her Best Friend's Husband Brandi Fucks Her Best Friend's Husband

Brandi Anderson, a 41-year-old divorcee from Canada (now living in North Florida), is dressed for sex. This big-titted platinum blonde is wearing a red corset, stockings and a garter belt. She looks very sexy. Very horny. But who is she dressed for?

Brandi looks out the window. A car drives up.

"Here we go!" she says.

Her man is home from work...or is it her man? She's lying in bed. He comes upstairs and hears a woman moaning. His wife, maybe?

"Brandi, what are you doing here?" Tony says when he sees her.
Hmmm...maybe not his wife.

"You know you want to fuck me," Brandi says.

"You're my wife's best friend," Tony protests. Weakly, we'd say.

"You know you wanna fuck me," Brandi says again.

"Who told you?" Tony asks.

"You know you wanna suck my tits."

"You are a tease," he says.

Not exactly. Teases don't put out. Brandi does.

And she doesn't have to spend much time convincing him. Before long, Brandi has his cock in her mouth, and then he has his mouth buried in her pussy. Tony fucks Brandi every which way (because he does want her), and he shoots his load in her open mouth. Brandi wants his cum so badly that she licks it off her fingers.

This is Brandi's debut. We'd say it's a good one.

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Jennica’s Island Getaway

Jennica's Island Getaway Jennica's Island Getaway

Tropical islands are hot. Beautiful Jennica Lynn is hotter. Coming in out of the heat, Jennica enters her bedroom and puts on a show for you, making the room hotter than her terrace. Jennica knows how to dress her fantastic M-cups in low-cut tops and once again she's picked out the right one. Jennica's ass is wrapped in skin-tight jeggings, a booty made to rub, spank and kiss. Swedish girls are often thought of as being lanky, slim and blonde with small boobs. Jennica is the complete opposite of this stereotype.

"I was always the bustiest girl in school when I was growing up," said Jennica. "Now I have M-cups. In the UK, they would be Double-J. I think I was a D-cup for the first time when I was about 14. I think I was about a G at 18. I think it was something like that."

After Jennica's show, she checks out several bras. She must have a difficult time finding them. "They have stores in England where I can actually buy bras that fit off the rack!" England is the home of big natural tits!

Jennica Lynn: a very special girl with a very special body and extra-special breasts.

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Busty Blonde Beauty

Busty Blonde Beauty Busty Blonde Beauty

There's something about blondes, there's something about Southern belles, and there's definitely something about Suzumi. You can start with the blonde hair and pale skin before working down to the perfect set of 44DDD tits. Suzumi is a Grade-A certified babe, and we couldn't be happier to have this buxom babe in our studio. She's pretty excited, too. Just as quickly as she got dressed, Suzumi is ready to take it all off. She won't draw any complaints from us, though.

"Do you want to see my tits?" She asks teasingly. "I bet this is what you want to see."

It certainly is, but we can be a bit insatiable when it comes to chicks with glorious tits. We want to see more and Suzumi happily obliges.

Suzumi begins by licking and nibbling on her nipples. Slowly, her nibbles become bites and she's devouring mouthfuls of juicy breasts.

"I bet you want to see the rest of me," Suzumi says as she peels off her panties. "I know you want to see my pussy."

Suzumi's pussy is already dripping wet when she begins stroking it and it doesn't take long for her to push herself to a rapturous orgasm.

"Oh, I want to be fucked really hard," she says as she inches to her climax. "I want to be fucked hard. I need your cock right now!"

The feeling is mutual, Suzumi. XL Men worldwide want your pussy.

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Executive Sweet

Executive Sweet Executive Sweet

Tori Karsin is looking like a corporate executive who's a little too frisky in that open blouse exposing big cleavage mounds and the top of her bra. The kind of big-boobed boss you'd want to be sexually harassed by in her office.

Tori says she's a dirty girl. How dirty? "Dirty dirty." Tori masturbates constantly and she likes "things in my butt." That's what she's up to in this SCORELAND video, her second since her debut scene "Bikini Strip" plus her trip to Miami in a Bonus scene.

What's that thing she's pulled out of her belt? It's a stumpy butt plug that she's going to stick in her ass. Then she's going to rub out a big one, one hand getting busy on her pussy and clit and the other working that tush toy. Tori does it standing, then she gets on the floor. First, on her back, then on her knees, giving us an eyeful of how she gets that O-face.

No wonder it's so hot in Texas.

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